Get extra money for your school.

How would your school invest regular money from local businesses and suppliers?

Ever feel frustrated that tight budgets hold you back from giving pupils and staff everything you want? More books, IT equipment, extra programmes, more visits, or other resources?

Don’t worry, a regular source of income from businesses could be just around the corner.

How to get more funding.

Sign up FREE to School Heroes, add a link to your website and app, and your school will enjoy subscriptions from businesses (heroes) that want to support your school, and be seen doing so.

You’ll also be helping those organisations. It’s a win-win for the community. In fact, it’s a win-win-win – because parents will be delighted the extra funding will help their children get an even better education.

School Heroes will also forge a closer link between your school and the community and businesses. That could result in more collaboration, fundraisers, careers days and school speakers.

We’ll even give you all the help you need to attract sponsors. Each one bringing you a step closer to your vision.

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