Feel heroic and win more business.

Win new business by supporting your local school. You hero.

It’s not often you get to promote your business and do some good in the world at the same time. That’s what School Heroes is all about. Making you look heroic while driving more business your way. No cape required.

How to be their hero.

Schools that you support are encouraged to mention you on their social media and will showcase your business in their School Heroes portal, seen repeatedly by hundreds of parents and other people interested in them, on their website and app.

They may just be on the look-out for services like yours and no doubt impressed by your community support.

Of course, you’ll pay a small fee – choose a Bronze, Silver or Gold Shield depending on how much promotion you want – but rest assured, your money will be helping the school in so many ways.

These include more books, better IT, and more programmes, visits and resources for its pupils. Resulting in better-educated and happier children, and delighted teachers and parents.

You can be a School Hero from just £50 a year. That’s low-investment marketing with a huge feel-good factor.

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